Sunday, July 18, 2010

Everything happens for a reason...

Have you ever had the worst day of your life turn into the worst few months of your life? Well, this happened to me a month ago. I lost my job and my home on the same day, and the love of my life was misplaced a few weeks before that.
As a teenager I went through my hard identity crises, but I always pushed through the issues and told myself that this moment of pain shall pass. But as an adult, telling myself that this moment of extreme pain and tribulation will pass does not seem to feel true. I have been without work for over a month and I've found myself applying to any job that I feel would give me a chance. I've found myself getting to know my nieces and nephews better; I've went to more dirty New York beaches that I have visited in my life; and I've started to write more. This blog is a product of my unemployment; a product of my need to vent my frustrations on the world and on my life's pain; and this blog is a product of my need to expose the world to my love of photography, poetry, and fashion as I've gotten to use my time to develop this love of the arts.
The photograph on this post was taken my very humble sister, who snapped this photo along with a few others to show to a program director in the desire to teach photography to that program. She did not get the job, but I appreciate her passion and drive to become more than she is as a mother, sister, and dreamer. She took the photo to capture the emptiness of the moment and this emptiness is how I feel in this time of unknowing. I want to be like the photo that captured the uncertainty of the emptiness and become a beautiful representation of the void.


  1. Hello Monica, I know what you are experiencing is not easy, and the last thing you need is some proverbial saying......... however that is all I have to offer @ the moment and I know it to be true.....'' This to shall pass''. Life is filled with up and downs as you know and are presently experiencing. It is through our most difficult times is when we hone in on our true abilities that lead us to our reason for being created. I will pray for u Monica and hope you tap into your true existentialism which will hopefully lead to great riches, not just monetarily but spiritually and emotionally. Finding our true meaning for why we were created can only come with happiness that can not be explained. I imagine it to be a heaven on earth.... I hope through this tumultuous time Monica you find your heaven on earth.

  2. Sheldon, thank you for the advice and support. Having this avenue to express myself will help me work through this time of difficulty.