Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Controversy in Fashion

The clothing store Forever 21 is having huge controversial exposure over their new maternity clothing line.  I love shopping at Forever 21 and I am a lot older than the intended targeted shoppers.  I do not think that selling maternity clothing will encourage teen pregnancy, but it definitely will not have the pregnant teens looking unfashionable.  Television shows like MTV's 16 and Pregnant tries to show the duel sides of being a teenage mom, but after watching season 1 of the show teen pregnancy did not look so unwelcoming.  The show documented a few arguments with baby daddies and upset but supportive parents; these issues seemed to be all a part of teenage life except the teens in the show had a child to raise.  The show had a large following and is in it's second season.  Will Forever 21 and televisions like this increase the already increasing number of teen pregnancies?  I couldn't answer that question, but I will definitely keep shopping at Forever 21 for their cheap fashion and stylish finds.

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